Students are teaming up and competing in our very own March bracket-style tournament. The game is called Capture the Kingdom. Students program robots to move around a grid-style game board in order to collect points. The team with the most points wins. Students need to master programming, sequential thinking, angles, metric measurement, and addition in order to be top competitors. 


The game board is projected onto the floor! 

The students create algorithms for the robot to follow. When the robot lands on a box, the points in that box are captured. Most points wins the game! 

7 Golden Rules

1) You may only use 3 lines of code per move. 

2) If your robot bumps the other teams robot you must forfeit your highest amount of captured points. 

3) If you run out of bounds, return the robot to it's original position. You are awarded zero points for that move. 

4) If the robot is 50/50 on two blocks, you capture the lower amount. 

5) If the robot is 50/50 in-bounds and out-of-bounds, the robot remains in-bounds. 

6) Every team member must program the robot. 

7) Your team MUST DISPLAY GOOD SPORTSMANSHIP or you will forfeit the game. 

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